Borehole water is an excellent natural resource that can provide a consistent supply of clean, safe water. However, it is crucial to ensure that the borehole water undergoes proper treatment to remove impurities and enhance its quality. In this blog post, we will explore the various methods and technologies available for borehole water treatment, highlighting the importance of treating this valuable resource.

1. Understanding Borehole Water Contaminants:

Before delving into the treatment methods, it’s essential to understand the contaminants that can potentially lurk within borehole water. These contaminants generally come from natural sources, such as minerals, sediments, and bacteria. Additionally, human activities, such as agricultural run-off or industrial pollution, can also contribute to the presence of pollutants. Understanding the specific contaminants is crucial for selecting appropriate treatment techniques.

2. The Role of Filtration:

Filtration is a fundamental process in borehole water treatment, aiming to remove physical impurities. We generally advise a sediment filter and UV for common bacteria, but we advise to test the water first as this might not be sufficient if the water quality is bad. Sediment filters can effectively capture suspended particles, sand, and silt, ensuring they do not affect the water’s taste, color, or clarity. Additionally, activated carbon filters are highly efficient in eliminating chemicals, including chlorine, herbicides, and pesticides. These filtration methods are often the first line of defense in removing visible and organic matter. If the water contains too much calcium and magnesium, which constitutes hardness, you will need a water softener.

3. Tackling Bacterial Contamination:

Bacteria, including harmful pathogens such as E. coli and coliforms, pose a significant health risk. To ensure the safety of borehole water, chlorine dosing or ultraviolet (UV) disinfection can be employed. Chlorination involves adding a carefully measured amount of chlorine to the water, which kills harmful bacteria. Similarly, UV disinfection exposes the water to ultraviolet rays, deactivating bacteria, viruses, and parasites but we recommend chlorine dosing if the water contains coliform bacteria and E Coli. But generally both methods are effective in destroying harmful pathogens, ultimately making the water safe to consume.

4. Addressing Mineral and Chemical Impurities:

In some cases, borehole water may have elevated mineral content, such as iron, manganese, or calcium, which can lead to hardness or unpleasant tastes. For iron and manganese we use DMI-65 which works together with chlorine dosing. Water softeners or deionization units are commonly utilized to remove excessive minerals, preventing scaling and improving overall water quality. Reverse osmosis systems can also effectively eliminate a wide range of dissolved contaminants, including heavy metals and chemicals, further enhancing the water’s purity.

5. Regular Maintenance and Testing:

Ensuring the long-term effectiveness of borehole water treatment involves regular maintenance and periodic testing. Water testing can be done at any water testing labs in your area, or contact our sales reps for a quote. Filters should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and UV lamps or chlorine dosing systems must be monitored to ensure proper functionality. It is advisable to conduct routine water quality tests to identify any changes or issues, allowing for prompt remediation measures.


The proper treatment of borehole water is essential to optimize its quality and safety for consumption. By understanding the possible contaminants and employing appropriate treatment methods, such as filtration, disinfection, and mineral removal, borehole water can be transformed into a valuable source of clean, safe water. Remember, regular maintenance and testing are vital to the ongoing efficacy of the treatment systems. Once you get your borehole water sample tested, contact our sales representatives on our landline (012 657 1010) line for assistance with giving you a proper solution and quote.

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