Water Shop Setup

Start Your Water business In Just 4 Easy steps

A purified water shop is a full-service retail outlet that offers local customers pure drinking water and water-related products. Purified water shops make quality drinking water available to consumers, at a much more affordable price delivered bottled water or bottled water that they purchase in the grocery store. Water Stores also sell ice and various sizes of water bottles, coolers and some even sell POU (Point of Use) equipment for the household.

What’s Needed?

You Supply Your Latest Water Analysis

We Quote Accordingly

You Pay, We Install & Commission

You Then A Happy New Water Shop Business Owner

To Give You A Better Idea About What Type Of Water Shop Equipment You Will Need For A Standard Water Shop, Many People Will Use A Setup Similar To The Following:

  • Raw Water Storage Tank
  • Raw Water Feed Pump
  • Automatic Sand/Glass Filter
  • Automatic Activated Carbon Filter
  • Antiscale Dosing System/Water Softener
  • 2000GPD Eco Series Industrial RO System
  • Pure Water Storage Tank
  • Pure Water Feed
  • Pump 55W UV Steriliser
  • Filling Table

The equipment setup above is the most common setup for a standard water shop, but keep in mind that other products can be used to meet your specific situation. We are happy to consult with you about your specific situation and the best solutions to your needs. All of our systems are custom-built in order to ensure that your system meets all of your requirements.

Market Alternatives:

There are several different options for safe, bottled drinking water. The first option is to buy bottled water from a store such as a grocery store, yet most times this ends up costing up to R25.00 a gallon for smaller bottles such as .5 liters. On sale, lower-cost 1-gallon bottles of water will cost you about R5.00. People do not want to pay prices this high, which is what creates demand for water stores even in well-established areas.


Some people do enjoy home deliveries, and with a water shop, it is possible to set up your own home delivery routes if you have a means of transporting the water to customers for home delivery.


The water store will sell water for different prices depending on the location. In South Africa, the average price is 1-2 cents per liter, which is due to a large number of vending machines outside of many food stores.


Many water shops also bring in additional revenue by selling bottles, mineral water pots, coolers, and various general merchandise items.

More Information

For more information feel free to call us at (012) 657-1010, email us at [email protected], or use the Inquiries button in the menu bar. We encourage you to talk to us about your potential water shop and we can provide you with more information about all the key considerations when opening a water shop. Puritech can provide you information on successful water stores that use our equipment. We are experts in water shops and look forward to helping you with all your water shop needs!

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